Our feathered, fuzzy, and scaled friends deserve access to veterinary care just as much as all the rest!
We are striving to continuously grow and offer additional avian and exotics services for our clients.
Some Species that we have treated include:
  • Assorted avian species: including large Scarlet Macaw parrots to tiny finches, ducks and chickens.
  • Small Mammals including; rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, hedgehogs, ferrets, chinchilla’s etc.
  • Reptiles: bearded dragons, ball pythons and boas, iguana’s, chameleon’s, red slider turtles and assorted torti.
  • Zoo Species including; lynx, bearcats, lemur, 2 toed sloth, servals, etc.
  • Amphibians/Fish; White’s Tree Frog, Axolotl, various fish species.
** NOTE we do not provide services for venomous species**
We are available for health and husbandry consultations, surgery, routine blood testing, DNA sexing, as well as routine grooming care such as beak, nail and wing trims.
We stock Emeraid and Critical Diets as well as Harrison’s Bird Food and NutriBerry Products available for sale/order.