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Penny Beels Vogt
The best medical and loving care from the best Veterinarians and staff.
Thank you for taking care of my furry family! ❤️
Drs. Rosborough and Goerdel are there for the healing of the whole family with phone calls and love for their patients.

Maureen McBurney Baker
I just want to say how pleased I am with the grooming offered at the Freeport vet med center. I don’t know who does the grooming but Josie looked spectacular when I picked her up. She was also able to get her yearly shots and examine all in one day. Absolutely the best veterinary clinic I have ever taken my pet to. The entire staff there is so friendly and just make you feel at home!

Bettie Greer
My visits to Freeport Veterinary Medical Clinic have been frequent . I have felt welcome from my phone call till I leave the premises . We are so fortunate to have two vets, Dr. Amanda Rosborough and Dr. Colby Goerdel who do care about the needs of animals and are willing to communicate with the owners who bring their pets in for care. They have a great staff also.

Robin Denham-Sperry
Dr. Goerdel and Dr. Rosborough are very thorough, compassionate and aware of all the latest and greatest information. I love that they take the time to ask and answer questions and usually take extra time to love on our dogs. I’m also very pleased they are available for emergencies and the cost is very reasonable.

Lisa Rio
Very friendly staff and caring DVMs… Thank you for taking such good care of Spike today!

Danyle Jones
Took my landlords dog in while he was out of town. Great staff! Very informative!

Deb Gibson
It is a great place. Great vet care and everyone is very friendly.

Courtney Townsend
This is the most caring, patient & loving staff I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. They are very intelligent but in a way that doesn’t make you feel like an idiot. 😀When I got my kittens Andi & Benny… They walked me through the process & they have done their kitten 1, 2 & 3 exams and have some their spayed and neutering as well. They are extremely easy to get in same day to be seen & I just love them & their staff. I had also adopted a sweet kitten nes Tom & they worked diligently trying to nurse him to good health… But he was just too far gone by the time we got him and he recently passed away. I ran into their office hysterically crying asking if he was dead and they immediately took us back to see if there was anything they could do. Dr. Goerdel was kind enough to help me prepare him for burial & they did not charge me a dime & they were so concerned for my daughter & I and it meant so much that they were so caring. I even called once to ask a question about Toms meds & Nellie was so nice, Justin Gabe me my answer. Then Nellie called me back to make sure my question was answered & then Dr. Goerdel called me as well. These are amazing people & you can tell they are truly passionate about what they do. Then to top it off… After Tom passed away… I checked the mail & they had sent us their condolences. I cannot say enough good things about everyone. If you are looking for a good vet… Look no further. They are the best!!!!

Shannon Van Langen
Took good care of my labrador puppy when he needed his tooth extracted.

Donna Elmore
I would’t take my animals anywhere else… Dr Rosborough and Dr Goerdel are the most caring and understanding vets I have ever met.. They really go above and beyond to help….The whole staff makes you feel welcome from the start…I want to say a big THANK YOU…You all are the Greatest!!!!

Susan Gill
Thank you for fixing my cat, Kitty, up. She is doing very well. Her incision is healing well. She is back to her old self. Thank you.

Janet Kersh Lumpkins
Thanks to Dr. Goerdel and Jessica for taking such good care of Baby. I was impressed with their professionalism and care. Highly recommend!

Vicki Sandoval
We had an emergency with our baby last night, our vet we use wouldn’t answer his phone a friend told us to call Dr. Sanchez and he and his staff was so great and took care of our little nancy that night. They kept our baby the rest of the night and the next day the calls from not only his staff but from the doctor himself was so great and put us at ease for the whole day until we were able to get her home. I would highly recommend Freeport vet. Med. center. They were there for our time of need and will continue using them again to care for all our 5 babies. Can’t say enough how great they are.

Alicia T. Blankenship
I love all the staff very mucho!!!! And adore Dr Moore. Thank you so mucho for your loving care to my Charlie.

Monica Canchola Jones
Dr. Moore and her assistant Jessica were Amazing!
They made a very tough decission/ procedure as comforable as possble for us and our beloved black-lab. RIP “Sam”

Julie Lewno
Awesome service. Can be reached after hours! Did wonderful,above and beyond care for our family dog Shelby in her time of need!

Marsha Ranee Osburn
This place saved my lil Todd. Life. Thanks to them , He was on his death bed. And is now Doing great. !!!!!!

Leslie Badgett Paladino
Amazing place! Amazing people! Amazing team! & Amazing prices!

Tammy Dading
Been my vet for a long time and are excellent with all 3 of my dogs. Even when I call in a panic they have always been fabulous.