BoardingAt FVMC we do our best to provide a full range of services for our clients and the community, this includes in-house boarding.

We have both indoor only and indoor/outdoor runs for dogs. We are also happy to board cats, and other small pets.

  • Does your pet require daily medication?
  • Does your work schedule have you concerned about your loved one during the daytime?

These are a few reasons why folks choose us for their boarding needs.

We supply all the necessary bedding, dishes and even food if necessary. We feed our in-house Hill’s Sensitive Stomach kibble, but are happy to feed your pet’s own food when supplied.

Dog’s are out 4-5 times daily for potty breaks as well as to stretch their legs in our fully fenced yards.

Due to the nature of our climate, our chief concern is heat stress for our guest pooches especially during summer months. Our staff are attentive to the early indicators of heat stress and ensure pets don’t over-do it while outdoors playing.