DentistryDid you know that our pets frequently require the same dental cleaning that you or I receive?

Our doctor’s frequently diagnose dental disease during patient’s yearly wellness exam. Key indicators of dental disease include; bad breath, hesitance in eating dry kibble, eating/chewing on one side of the mouth, or red and inflamed gums.

Just like most things in life, the sooner you attend to a problem, the more frequent the issue can be dealt with from a preventative nature and end up saving you money. In addition, early intervention and prevention can help to keep your pet from experiencing unnecessary pain.

In order to achieve a thorough cleaning and evaluation of your pet’s mouth, we must anesthetize all pets. In addition, a significant amount of water is used during the process and we need to ensure your pet’s airway is protected via an endotracheal tube placement. This ensures your pet is safe and relaxed during the procedure.

We evaluate each and every tooth in your pets mouth. Should we find a fractured or diseased tooth we can extract them if we deem necessary. Once we have removed all debris from the teeth and gumline we polish the teeth and finish up with a fluoride treatment to help keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy.