DermatologyHere at Freeport Veterinary Medical Center, we are proud to offer dermatology services for our patients.

When we refer to dermatology,, we are talking about your pets’ skin. There are many pets who struggle with skin conditions, and these are usually challenging for our veterinarians.

We see all types of skin problems, including fleas and other parasites. We also diagnose allergies and skin infections. Sometimes we see autoimmune diseases and cancers that can lead to skin problems for your pets.

Most of the time when owners bring their pets in for skin problems, they say their pets are constantly itching. Sometimes, they will scratch until they lose their hair. Even that will not stop the itchiest pets from scratching. Some will develop full-blown skin infections from all of their scratching and licking.

Luckily, some patients will have skin problems only once or twice in their lives. However, skin problems can be ongoing for others. Some pets seem to scratch themselves constantly, while allergies can make a pet scratch seasonally.

Many owners struggle with their pets’ skin. Sometimes, problems can last for months or even years. Owners don’t always want to bring their pets in every time they start to scratch. Scratching can be going on for a few months before they decide to bring their pets in to the vet.

Here at Freeport Veterinary Medical Center, we will do everything that we can do to get your pets some relief. However, we have to diagnose their condition first. We are proud to be able to offer dermatologic procedures to help us figure out what is wrong with your pets. We routinely test for allergies and fungal infections. We are also able to do cultures and skin biopsies, if needed.

If your pets are having skin problems and need to be seen, don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule an appointment. We can be reached at (979) 233-3290.