Senior Pet WellnessDid you know that by the time your dog is 7 years old, he/she is considered a senior? There are some variables, specifically, that dog’s weighing more than 50lbs reach their senior years earlier (think 6years of age) vs dogs weighing less than 50lbs (9 years of age).

Cat’s are considered seniors around the 7-8 year mark as well.

The most common diseases we see that affects our older pets health include internal organ failure (heart, kidneys, liver), arthritis, obesity and dental disease.

Some of these disease processes can be caught early via routine blood screening conducted during your pet’s annual vaccination exam. Other’s may present more subtly and can be picked up during the exam itself.

Unfortunately, many of these disease processes cannot be cured, only managed. As such, we believe that together we can discuss what methods can be incorporated to slow down or manage the disease so your pet can continue to live a full and happy life.