Dr. Kody Goerdel, DVM

Education: Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine 2012

Dr. Goerdel was born and raised on a small cattle ranch just outside of Luling, TX. He grew up participating in his local 4-H and FFA clubs. An avid fisherman and outdoorsman, he enjoys quality time on the lake.

In 2005 he graduated from TAMU, then pursued his Masters in Public Health Administration at TAMU in 2007. A true Aggie by nature, he returned to complete his studies in Veterinary Medicine at College Station.

Following graduation, Dr. Goerdel spent his first year working in Decatur, TX at a high-volume mixed animal practice.

After honing his skills, he returned to his hometown area and practiced for two years at a busy mixed animal practice in Gonzales, TX.

He married his wife Dr. Amanda Rosborough shortly after their acquisition of FVMC.

Dr. Amy Weir, DVM

Education: Oklahoma State College of Veterinary Medicine 2018

Our doctors enjoy the variety of cases we see each and every day. From dogs and cats, to turtles, parrots, cows and horses. It makes each day new and sometimes challenging, but always rewarding and just plain fun! Dr Amy Weir’s passion for veterinary medicine incorporates this mindset, along with a strong desire to build lasting relationships with our clients and their pets.

Dr. Weir joined FVMC in June 2018 after graduating from Oklahoma State University Center for Veterinary Health Sciences. Originally from Bridge City, TX, she completed a degree in Biology at Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, OK prior to attending OSU. She now calls Lake Jackson home along with her husband Josh and new baby girl Aubrey.

Dr. Amy enjoys the bonds she builds getting to know her patients and clients through wellness and preventative care and through the tough times when our pets are ill. She also enjoys the challenges and creativity required by practicing exotic animal medicine, in addition to soft tissue surgery and equine medicine. Sharing the Weir household is one pup named Paisley (mixed breed), three rabbits (Echo, Starbuck and Mullins) and two horses (Blitz and Aspen). Outside of work she enjoys hanging out with her family, spending time outdoors, hiking, kayaking and traveling.

Dr. Antonia Gallegos, DVM

Education: Oklahoma State College of Veterinary Medicine 2020

Hailing from Altus, OK Dr. Gallegos has spent the last few years after veterinary school making Brazoria County her home. She attended Oklahoma State University for her undergrad and Veterinary School. Dr. Gallegos has special interests in large animal practice as well as soft tissue surgery. She especially enjoys eye enucleations and foreign body surgery. She is great at educating our clients and our staff about all things veterinary medicine. She enjoys training, hiking and traveling in her free time along with spending time with her dogs Tamsin and Bodacious.

Dr. Amanda Lampart, DVM

Education: Oklahoma State College of Veterinary Medicine 2020

Dr. Lampart moved a little bit south from her hometown Stafford, TX when she joined us at FVMC. She attended Texas A&M for her undergrad studies and Oklahoma State for Veterinary school. Dr. Lampart has a special interest in internal medicine, the day-to-day hustle of treating your pet’s everyday needs, and advocating for those who need it most. Dr. Lampart is always compassionate and on top of what your pet needs the most. She enjoys being outdoors and kayaking, spending time with her fur babies Brodie (dog), Spencer, and Peaches (cats).

Dr. Amber White, DVM

Education: Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine 2021
Clinic Year: Oklahoma State College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. White is true to her roots originally from Freeport, TX she has a passion for education. From attending many schools to teaching she is always ready to learn and pass on the knowledge to others. She attended Brazosport College for her Associates of Science, Sam Houston State for Animal Science with a biology minor and Masters in agricultural science, then off to Ross University for Vet School and Oklahoma State University for Clinicals. She has special interests in client education, dermatology, and production of animal medicine. She says “Keeping our food healthy keeps us healthy”. Her fur babies are listed here with no favorites of course is Cowboy Bo (Jack Russell), Miranda Lynn (Lab), Ginger Anne (Lab), Paxton Piggy Pancake (Boston terrier), and Artie Fartie (Feline). In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, and reading.

Dr. Brandi McClellan, DVM

Education: Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine 2021
Clinic Year: Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine

Bio coming soon!

Dr. Shelby Crump, DVM

University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine 2022

Bio coming soon!

Office Staff



Office Manager
When the going gets tough, the tough roll up their sleeves and get going!!! Teresa our fabulous office manager, technician, and floor installer extraordinaire wears all those hats! Teresa has been working in the veterinary field for over 21 years with 16 of those being at Freeport Veterinary Medical Center & Wild Peach Veterinary Clinic.

She’s a go-to for our team members and clients alike and can always be counted on to lend a helping hand. She excels in anesthetic monitoring, surgical assisting, and nursing care. Teresa enjoys learning new skills that she can incorporate into our daily clinical services.

Away from work, she enjoys watching her boys play baseball and football for her hometown Angleton teams.


Assistant Office Manager

Another Brazoria county native, Christina enjoys the busy mix and variety of getting to learn and do it all. From helping educate clients to jumping into surgery, working with a mixed practice is a dream. She likes to learn something new every day. She enjoys going where help is needed, learning about the clinic from behind the scenes is exciting and refreshing. She likes to spend time with her family and dogs Attie (labradoodle) and Chief (Great Pyrenees mix). In her free time she enjoys being outside, riding her bike, or inside doing crafts.


Accounts receivable/Inventory Manager

Originally from Venezuela and recently a U.S citizen, Melisa graduated with a bachelor’s in business and marketing. She has been working in finances for 19 years. She loves working in finance and combining that with her passion of animals offering them love, care, compassion. She enjoys providing support to their owners which makes her work very special and means a lot to her. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her son, family, and friends in addition to her cat Nadine. She loves going to the beach, enjoying nature, reading books, listening to music, and dancing.

Veterinary Technicians


Attentiveness, reliability and genuine concern for an animal’s welfare are qualities that Taryne exemplifies. Taryne is one of our amazing Veterinary Technicians at FVMC! Taryne was born and raised in Silay City, Philippines. Her favorite aspects of working at FVMC include; performing dental cleanings, assisting with dental procedures, interacting with clients during appointments and caring for our hospitalized patients. Taryne has 2 dogs Max (pitbull terrier) and Spike (wire haired mixed breed). When not at work you can find Taryne with her husband Tyrone on the gulf course or pumping iron at the gym.


Some people just have that extra special touch. Especially when it comes to our feline friends. Kaley is our secret weapon with it comes to your cat’s care. Kaley joined FVMC in 2018 after graduating from the Vet Tech Institute in Houston. Originally from Lake Jackson, Kaley enjoys going to the beach, hanging out with friends, going out for dinner and drinks and true to kitty form – napping. She has two remarkable cats: Benny and Gilbert. Topping her list for activities she enjoys during the workday include; surgical nursing, anesthesiology, and critical & emergency care for patients in need.


A cornerstone in the profession of Veterinary Medicine is the desire for life-long continuous learning. Each year our team seeks out opportunities to improve ourselves in order to better serve our patients. A commitment to this mindset is exactly what Ajee’, our Licensed Veterinary Technician made when she embarked upon her career path.

Ajee’ joined the FVMC team in 2018 after graduating from TAMU Kingsville with a Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Technology. Originally from Sweeny, Ajee’ had previously interned at our Wild Peach Clinic in order to gain experience for her technician school application.

During the workday, Ajee’ enjoys working alongside our doctors in surgery and engaging with our exotic animal patients during appointments. She has a Black Mouth Cur named Roxy. Outside of work, she enjoys going out with friends or catching up on Netflix.

Katy R.

A long term resident of Brazoria County, Katy enjoys cuddling with her cat named Basil. She previously worked at our Wild Peach Clinic before taking a brief leave to be a mom and rejoined us after moving at FVMC. She enjoys working at FVMC because of the camaraderie of the staff and making friends with anyone she meets. She likes to be helpful where it is needed. She is a true chameleon and can come into any environment and make it colorful with her wonderful personality. In her free time, she likes to binge watch shows and eat nachos (like a true Texan).



Originally from Finland, Eija moved to the US in 2017. She enjoys being with clients and helping all fur babies. When she came to Texas she immediately began her schooling to be a certified veterinary assistant. In her free time she likes to go hiking, bird watching, being outside, and going on road trips. She has 2 cats Amelia and Bohannon and a gerbil names Ygritte.


Originally from Lake Jackson, TX. Madi is one of our newest employees and developed a passion for working in a veterinary clinic right after high school. Madi feels accomplished from the feeling she gets from knowing she helped a sick animal and has made their day a little better. She has one husky named Skyla and her cats are named Journey, Zepplin, and Buddy. In her free time, she likes to paint and go fishing.


Calling Brazoria, TX home, she has a mixed breed dog named Rouxphus (RU-FUS) that she loves and enjoys spending time with. Meagan loves learning new things every day. She started in reception and recently moving to a tech position. Meagan will jump in to help where it is needed. In her free time, she makes candles and wax melts.


From Angleton, TX. Trey has been working with cattle and large animals with his family for many years. His favorite part of his job is working with critically ill patients and helping them recover. Connecting them back with their owners after treatment is what helps him feel accomplished. Trey is currently studying to get into to school to be a veterinarian.


Every day a group of attentive, caring and responsible kennel technicians are running the behind the scenes show. Technicians such as Devin are the ones that ensure our in-clinic animals are comfortable, healthy and happy. Originally from Sweeny, Devin joined our FVMC family in 2018.

He and his new wife Tori have three dogs to call their own; Wyatt (Great Pyrenese/Lab Mix), Willow (Pointer Mix) and Talia (mystery mix), in addition to their feline friend Angel.

Devin’s favorite aspect of working at FVMC is playing and socializing with our boarding, and where possible, hospitalized dogs. Outside of work he can be found in the kitchen were he enjoys cooking or playing video games.

Kennel Technicians



We know that your pet is a member of your family. As such, our team’s priority is to provide that same level of attention to detail and concern for their well-being as we do our own pets. FVMC & WPVC know these traits are critical to ensuring not only our patient’s comfort and happiness, but your own. This level of service is exemplified by our kennel technician Anya. Originally from Silay City, Philippines, and now calling Freeport home, Anya is a dependable, hardworking cornerstone of our animal care team at FVMC. She is very aware of your pets needs and quickly picks up on changes in demeanor and health habits of our patients and boarders. She finds joy in providing pets with positive, engaging interactions during their stay with us. She also takes great pride to ensure that they have everything they need, whether it’s another comfy blanket to cuddle in, or an extra bowl of water for the thirsty night owls. Out of hours, Anya enjoys cuddling with her lazy Pitbull Tank for a good nap, listening to music or playing video games.


Originally from Danbury Texas her passions are being around animals and helping and caring for them. In her free time she likes to take her dogs Penelope and Mariah to dog parks and walk nature trails. She also enjoys bonding with her cats Charm and Sammy at home. Madison is a great team player and hard worker.


Calling Lake Jackson, TX home, Sam has 2 cats names Kit Kat and Peppermint. She enjoys coming to work and spending time with her coworkers and animals. Sam is always one to step in a help fix things that need fixing. In her free time, she likes to spend time at home watching you tube and playing games on her Switch.


Raised in Brazoria, TX she has her several favorite fur babies including; Willie (terrier mix), Jill (Mixed dog), Miley (German shepherd), and Koda (horse). She likes to come to work and help her coworkers and to be around animals. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and to put a smile on your face. In her free time, she likes to read, and doing anything outside from yard work to building things.

Customer Service Reps



When you give us a call at any given moment, all of our staff members strive to make themselves available for you. One of the more frequent voices you’ll hear, however, whether in English or Spanish, is Veronica! Veronica joined the FVMC team as a receptionist in 2017. She is a doting owner to her pups Smokey (Schnauzer) and Rexy (Black Labrador). Her favorite aspect of her job is meeting new people and their fur-babies. A close second is having the ability to have Smokey at work with her **hint – he’s usually taking a nap by her feet**. When not holding down the fort at the clinic, Veronica enjoys watching the ID Channel and scary movies on Netflix. She’s also renowned for some pretty scrumptious food entrees and treats by her fellow team members.



From Brazoria County Roxanne has her cats Marlin (The notorious string butt wax tail shadow chaser) and Mora (murder kittens). She enjoys her work here because every day brings new challenges and it’s never the same. She is always learning and having new experiences. In her free time, she likes to read books, travel to new places, listen to live music and eat all the food.


Karina is from Houston TX, having recently moved to the area. She joined our team because of her love for interacting with animals. When they come in the front door she gives them treats and belly rubs. In her spare time, she enjoys painting and spending time with her dog Dexter.

Katy L.

Calling Bay City, TX home, Katy recently joined our CSR team. She enjoys working here because of the people she gets to work with every day. In her spare time, she likes to refurnish furniture with her husband and hang out with her spunky pug named Mojo.


Certified Groomer



Grooming Services for Canine and Feline Clients

Born in Michigan, raised in California, Tricia received her groomer certification from the California school of dog grooming. She has two canine children waffles and tater, and one human child. Tricia has been grooming dogs for over 16 years. She is passionate about senior pets and taking time to be delicate in caring and grooming them. In her free time enjoys relaxing in her pool and trying new things from going to the world’s largest bouncy house to treetop zip-lining. She is down to earth with a great sense of adventure.