Freeport Veterinary Medical Center

Pet Pain Management

Our teams are dedicated to the comfort and well-being of your pets. Some people don’t believe that pain is real in pets, but we disagree.

Pet Pain Management

We understand how important your pet is to your family, which is why we work so hard to offer the best services possible to keep your pet healthy.

Pet Pain Management

We are determined to keep your pets as comfortable as possible throughout their entire lives. We will be here for your pets dealing with pain post-surgery, after injuries, and especially from arthritis as your pet’s age.

We offer many different options when it comes to managing your pets’ pain levels depending on each pet’s individual needs.

We focus on a multi-modal pain management approach including;

  • Traditional medications such as NSAIDs or opioid derivatives
  • Non-traditional therapeutics such as Adequan, Gabapentin, etc.
  • Combining Laser Therapy as a drug-free method for pain relief
  • Referring to colleagues who practice Acupuncture or Chiropractic Care.
  • “Reset” protocols for pets experiencing wind-up chronic pain.

Many times, older pets experiencing osteoarthritis benefit from weight loss (if appropriate) and physical therapy to help improve their mobility.

If you are concerned that your pet is in pain, please contact us to schedule an appointment so we can work to get them back to their happy, healthy selves.