Freeport Veterinary Medical Center

Pet Surgery

Our veterinarian’s enjoy surgery! As such, we offer a wide array of surgical procedures at our facility.

Pet Surgery

We understand how important your pet is to your family, which is why we work so hard to offer the best services possible to keep your pet healthy.

Pet Surgery

The most common procedures involve routine spay and neuters. We take our duty of care very seriously and do not cut any corners when it comes to your pet’s procedure.

We ensure all major vessels are double ligated to prevent internal bleeding and our body walls are always closed using individual sutures so as that if something happens after the pet is discharged home and one suture comes loose, the remainder are there in place to hold things secure and strong.

Additionally, surgeries that we frequently perform include:
– Growth removals
– Caesarian Sections
– Cystotomies
– Amputations
– Femoral Head Ostectomy
– Gastro-intestinal Foreign Body Surgery
– Gastropexy
– Colopexy
– Splenectomy
– Surgery of the eyelids/eyes and ears
– Lacerations and other traumatic injuries

Our doctors actively seek out continued training in surgical techniques and procedures. Stay tuned for future surgical offerings as we continue to grow and learn!